At Hilton Head Yacht Charter, creating unforgettable memories like a Valentine’s Day Yacht Dinner is truly our specialty.

We spend the Hilton Head “winters” in the Bahamas, and our incredible crew has been enjoying hosting guests new and old in this tropical location.

We have been overjoyed to see some of our Hilton Head friends making the trip to the Bahamas to take another cruise aboard Top Shelf. Aside from your anniversary, we can’t think of a more romantic time to cruise then Valentine’s Day!

Book your charter and enjoy a totally custom “winter” cruise in warm, gorgeous Exumas – right by Nassau!

Can’t make it to the Bahamas for Valentine’s Day? Fear not, we know just how to surprise your sweetheart with a Valentine’s Day gift they’ll never forget:

Let us deliver your loved one a gorgeous and elegant personalized invitation to join you aboard Top Shelf on the date of their choosing.

The gift now becomes a dual experience: the yacht charter itself, and the fun of deciding together which amenities you’ll enjoy when you take the cruise in Hilton Head during its warmer months (April-September).

Trust us when we say this “invitation” gift will impress your honey. Plus, who doesn’t love a surprise that they also get to customize?

Valentine’s Day Yacht Charter: The Perfect Gift

Experience complete luxury as you explore our Sky-Lounge, enjoy 5-star cuisine from our Executive Chef Joel and take in breathtaking views.

Being on out the open water aboard an 80 foot Hatteras Motoryacht is smooth and comfortable thanks to Hilton Head’s calm waters.

Enjoy a Hilton Head sunset cruise unlike any other and let us help you create long lasting memories for years to come. Spend quality time together exploring the Hilton Head coast from the water. and basking in beautiful ocean views, all while feeling truly pampered and special onboard an elegant Valentine’s Yacht Charter in Hilton Head.

Watch the sun dip below the horizon then take in the stars, as bright as you’ve ever seen.

Remember: No matter your preference, we will fulfill it. There is nothing we won’t do to ensure your romantic Valentine’s Day cruise is perfect.

Propose on a Yacht

Did you know Top Shelf can be chartered for a magical proposal? Perhaps our most exciting charter of 2022 was when Jordan proposed to Katherine with their families on board to witness! Whether you intend to propose over Valentine’s Day, or any time in 2023, we know how to make it the kind of proposal to remember.

Photo by CapturedbyRachel

Alongside our Cruise Concierge, we will help you organize every element of your proposal. From the  photographer, the cuisine, and even down to where and when we’ll pick up your friends and family for continued celebrations – we handle everything for you.

Hilton Head Yacht Charter accommodates up to 12 guests and can pull off truly magical, extraordinary events unlike any other venue.

Anniversary Celebration on a Yacht

Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Plan your ideal anniversary party OR surprise your spouse with a romantic cruise for two.

Many of our past guests have worked with our Cruise Concierge to curate a surprise for the ages! We’ll work with you to make sure every detail is covered and your expectations will surely be exceeded.

Reserve your cruise date by February 7th and we will print a customized your Valentines Day Cruise Invitation for your loved one.  Click here to book your cruise

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