Kick off the summer with a Memorial Day yacht charter! We’ve finally reached that time of year when the long, warm summer days make for the perfect yachting experience.

For one thing, spending time on the water in late May is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends.

Picture your long weekend lounging in luxury at sea, enjoying watersports, eating the finest cuisine all aboard Hilton Head’s best private yacht. Read more about Memorial Day yacht rentals!

The back of a jet boat, towing two people riding a tube in the wake. Sunny day with blue sky with puffy clouds.

What Can You Do On a Memorial Day Yacht Charter?

During a private yacht charter on Hilton Head Island, guests can enjoy the beautiful view while lounging on one of our sun decks. 

There are also countless water activities for the speed-obsessed and the take-it-easy types. Top Shelf Motoryacht is equipped with many water toys, including a 19 foot Yamaha Jet Boat for tow sports. 

Adventurous guests can try the Obrien Booker 2 Tube or the Zup board (made for kneeboarding and wakeboarding). Or, take the reins and enjoy maximum speed and thrill on a jet ski!

Try riding a Sea Bob, a water toy that skims across the water at 15 knots and then dive to 6 feet. It is truly an exhilarating experience.

For the guest seeking a relaxing charter, try paddle boarding or simply soak in the sun on our floating deck. Play with friends in family by jumping off and easily climb back on to rest.

Learn more about Top Shelf private yacht rentals.

Memorial Day Cruises in Hilton Head

What better way to celebrate the holiday than a Memorial Day yacht rental cruise around Hilton Head Island? A private charter includes five-star service from our crew headed by Captain Edin and Chief Stewardess Carrie. Perhaps most exciting is the incredible cuisine from Executive Chef Joel.

From custom cocktails to unmatched personally curated meals and snacks, Top Shelf guests experience delightful and surprising culinary treats.

Our crew caters to every guest’s desire during a private cruise and Memorial Day yacht charter board Top Shelf.


About Top Shelf Motoryacht

We’re very proud to be Hilton Head’s Best Private Yacht Charter and take great pride in keeping our vessel in perfect condition for our guests. Our 80 ft. Hatteras luxury motoryacht was renovated stem to stern and designed for ultimate luxury and guest satisfaction.

back of yacht deck with the boat wake shown


When boarding Top Shelf, take note of  careful curation of our interior and exterior spaces–designed with guest comfort in mind. Along with 360° views of the incredible Hilton Head naturescape, we can ensure a perfect yacht charter.

With three sundecks, the breathtaking views from our aft skybridge, luxurious interior areas and a full size galley, Top Shelf is the epitome of private yachting.



A Hilton Head Memorial Day yacht charter should be on your list of vacations this year! Reach out to our cruise concierge to learn how we can create your dream charter

Schedule your Memorial Day yacht rental today. We look forward to hosting you aboard Top Shelf soon!

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