At Hilton Head Yacht Charter, everything we do is singularly focused on ensuring a five star experience for our guests. 

Our Yacht Charter Concierge April DeMuth is the ultimate professional and a joy to work with. She ensures every detail is covered and every expectation is exceeded. In today’s blog, we sat down with April to learn about her role at Hilton Head Yacht Charter.

We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes take on how she creates a highly customized, unforgettable experience each and every time a guest boards Top Shelf Motoryacht.


What to Expect from a Private Cruise Charter Concierge

April tells us, “With every client we strive to create a new and unique experience. I know that every client is celebrating a different and unique special moment. 

My first conversation with every guest is focused on learning about their special reason for booking a yacht charter. This helps us make sure their every desire and detail is handled.

When our guests come to us ready to book a private cruise charter, it’s often because they are celebrating one of life’s milestones:

  • Is it a celebratory birthday or graduation?
  • An engagement, wedding or anniversary? 
  • A special day with family reuniting after a long time apart? 
  • A thank you / team-building event for your company’s top performers?

From the very first time we speak, I work diligently with clients to create an experience they will remember for a lifetime.”


What Does a Yacht Charter Concierge Do? 

The short answer is: A lot! We couldn’t be more grateful for the dedication April shows to the guest experience. 

When we asked her to explain what her duties include, we knew the list would go on and on. Here’s a look at all the things a Yacht Charter Concierge will do for you:

  • April introduces you to our onboard chef and helps the chef create the perfect menu for your tastes.

  • She will help you coordinate any vendors you need, such as an onboard photographer to capture a surprise moment. We can even dress them up as a crew member so your loved one doesn’t know something big is about to happen!

  • Another valuable thing April does to put that little something extra into each and every cruise is “sourcing and decorating”. She told us, “I’ve gone shopping for all sorts of things for guests! Whether you need a specific type of balloon or flower arrangement, a favorite beverage or snack, beauty products, I get it for you. I’ve even found gator-shaped sippy cups for a family cruise!” No matter what you need on board, April makes sure we have it for you.

  • Many clients ask April for her recommendations about other activities and restaurants while on the island. She loves to share her personal favorites and help them secure reservations as needed.

  • She also works with local resorts and the Chamber of Commerce to host meetings or special professional events aboard Top Shelf.

  • April works with the harbormasters any time we coordinate a pick up or drop off around the Lowcountry. This makes it seamless for our guests to board and disembark at different locations if they desire.

  • Prior to the cruise, she will share critical pre-departure information and she makes sure all waivers are signed.

  • Following the cruise, April will reconnect with clients for their feedback and request their review.

  • Last but not least, April told us, “On occasion my partner Warren and I have hopped on board to stew, bartend and first mate for larger cruises –  yes, all hands on deck!I”


We are so lucky to have April helping lead the Top Shelf team to success. She said, “I am proud of our crew;  we have received all 5 star reviews in our first year of operation. And most of all, I’m proud that we have created special moments that guests will remember for years to come.”

What can our Yacht Charter Concierge do to make your upcoming cruise as perfect as possible?

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