Step aboard the 80′ Top Shelf Motor Yacht, where the essence of maritime luxury is not just met but exceeded. Hence the name, Top Shelf Motor Yacht focuses on raising the bar for our guests.

With its calming, coastal luxury design and our crew’s commitment to excellence, guests charter our yacht to experience the pinnacle of luxury in the Lowcountry and beyond.


The Top Shelf Motor Yacht Experience

Upon your first interaction, Concierge Karen will be at your disposal, ensuring a bespoke yachting experience tailored to your preferences and desires, with meticulous attention to every detail of your journey.

Top Shelf Motor Yacht boasts a full-time crew of four professionals, each skilled in their respective roles, providing an unparalleled level of service that is both discreet and attentive, enhancing the quality of your voyage.

From expertly mixed cocktails to the seamless delivery of services, we ensure that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.


Sophisticated Interiors, Mouthwatering Cuisine and More

Discover the yacht’s beautifully designed interior spaces, including multiple staterooms adorned with luxurious amenities and en-suite baths. 

The sky lounge offers a serene environment for sun-soaked relaxation, while the gourmet dining prepared by our chef will likely become a highlight of your time aboard. The luxury elements of the cruise set it apart from any other charter in the region, trust us!

Dining aboard the Top Shelf Motor Yacht transcends the ordinary, with menus curated to feature the finest ingredients and bold flavors, each dish reflecting the chef’s culinary artistry and passion for gastronomy.


Bespoke Entertainment & Itineraries

Entertainment on the Top Shelf Motor Yacht is as varied as it is refined. Whether you prefer the thrill of water sports or the tranquility of massage on board, our offerings are tailored to suit your mood and occasion. Simply tell Concierge Karen what you envision and we will bring it to life and then some. Your experience is truly only limited by your imagination.


Unrivaled Hospitality & Tailored Experiences for Every Guest

The crew’s dedication to providing exceptional service is evident in every interaction. We ensure that your needs are anticipated and met with the utmost professionalism and care.

Concierge Karen will help you craft your vision of the perfect cruise. No matter your celebration, each experience is customized to create a unique and memorable journey. You can imagine that moments spent aboard Top Shelf Motor Yacht become cherished memories. If you’re wondering what to expect, take a look at our countless five-star reviews here.

From adventurous days enjoying water sports to intimate dinners under the stars, these experiences are designed to linger long after your voyage concludes. It’s our greatest pleasure helping you and your loved ones make these special memories just like we did when we first purchased the yacht in 2019. While we hadn’t originally intended to charter her, we realized how special it was to be aboard, and welcomed others to enjoy the kind of luxury yachting typically reserved for the Caribbean (term charters of 3+ days).

Yes, we are biased, but we believe Top Shelf Motor Yacht is more than a vessel—it’s our sanctuary. We invite you to come aboard and see why we fell in love with her. Speak with Concierge Karen or complete a Cruise Preference Form to learn more!

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